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 2-day virtual training (12 hours)

 (includes Instructor Guidelines Manual

 and training materials)



 Refresher Training-

 for previously certified CHT Level I Instructors



 Additional Copy Instructor Guidelines-


$600 each

$600 each

 Set of Participant Books- Includes Choices, Strategic Skill   Building for Transporters, and Healthcare Transporter   Technical Skills Training

 (REQUIRED, limited to one set per registrant)




            What Current Level I CHT Instructors are saying about the CHT Program

 All good things! Those who have certified their healthcare patient transporters and       other frontline employees in other key hospital disciplines are very much impressed   with the difference in their performance and productivity. Many hospital leaders who   have CHTs report that other leaders and executives in their respective organizations   have also identified big improvements in job performance.


 I recently participated in the Impact Level I   Instructor Training at Ochsner Health   System.  I just wanted to let you know how   much I enjoyed being able to be a part of   the training.  Empowering others and   helping them to realize their potential is   something that I feel very passionate   about.  I am certain that your curriculum   and the opportunity that it offers to   Frontline Staff has already had a     tremendous effect on the lives of many,   and I am honored to have been chosen to   be a part of this.

 Kristy Gaudet, R.T., Radiology Supervisor,   Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital, New   Orleans, LA

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Questions?   Please contact us at or call 912-844-0007


   What is a NAHTM / ITC Certified Healthcare Transporter (CHT)?

  A Certified Healthcare Transporter is a hospital based, patient     transporter who has achieved proficiency in all competencies   outlined in the performance based, 3 book-course. Those 3   books are CHOICES:  Ethics for the Workplace; Strategic Skill   Building for Transporters; and Technical Skills Training for   Transporters. The curriculum was developed by Impact Training   Corporation (ITC) in partnership with NAHTM to establish a   national certification and improve on-the-job performance. 

                               What is a CHT Instructor?

 A CHT Instructor has successfully completed the two-day CHT   Instructor training. The typical CHT Instructor has some type of   leadership role within, or over, a hospital-based transport   department, or alternatively may be employed in human   resources and/or training department of a healthcare   organization.

 To attain the CHT Instructor credential, the candidate who   attends the rigorous 2-day training course successfully learns   the following:  1) in-depth knowledge of the contents of the 3-   book curriculum; 2) methodologies to deliver the curriculum   virtually or in person; 3) strategies to implement the program;   and  4) how to best engage trainees. Two 3-hour virtual sessions   each day, presented on Zoom platform, engage participants in   multiple interactive activities and discussions.

 Those who earn a CHT Instructor credential will be empowered   to train healthcare transporters in the customized curriculum   endorsed by NAHTM, and upon completion of the 3-book   course, will make recommendations for national certification   awards for their successful healthcare transporters to NAHTM. 

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Certified Healthcare CURRICULA

 Level i  instructor Training  class

 Participants have urged ITC to require that new trainees       purchase this participant set of books because it   significantly  enhances the training experience.

 Impact Training's Certified Healthcare   Transporter Program is perfect for entry-   level employees who may not have   attended college to gain the level of   education and skills required to be   successful in today's workforce.

 Chester Wortham, Director of Patient   Transport, The Johns Hopkins Hospital,   Baltimore, MD

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 The CHT program offered through Impact   Training Corp. has been a valuable   resource for my organization. Our Certified   Healthcare Transporters meet and exceed   the quality and safety standards of facility,   every patient, every time. They are widely   recognized on our campus as the first   contact for lifting and transferring   assistance.

 Moira Croteau, CHT Instructor &   Supervisor patient Transport and   Environmental Services,   Cheshire/Dartmouth, Keene NH

NT      ​NEW!

 Based on Instructor requests, ITC has added a third day of hands-on program delivery exercises.your paragraph here.

 I recently heard...and I quote this… from a   Service Line Director when referring to   the move to our expanded Pavilion   Tower..."No other staff will transport my   patients except my Nursing Staff and the   (certified) Transporters." know   we are included within a select team is a   win-win situation.

 Frank Campbell, Director Patient   Transport, Cape Fear Valley Health   System, Fayetteville, NC

Preferred method of payment is by check, made payable to

Impact Training Corporation (ITC)

$25 discount per registrant if paying by check

Send copy of registration form with check to:

Impact Training Corporation, ATTN Ruthann Walsh

110 Egret Point, Savannah, GA 31405.


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Certified Healthcare Transporter (CHT) Instructor Training

July 28-29-30, 2021

​The National Association of Healthcare Transport Management 


Impact Training Corporation


To comply with COVID-19 precautions and provide training requested by our clients, Impact Training Corporation has designed an engaging three-day virtual course presented on Zoom platform.

Patient Transporters serve a vital role on the Environment of Care team. Attaining the NAHTM national certification supports superior and safe performance as well as an earned credential for the transporter. ITC's staff training model develops in-house CHT curriculum delivery capability resulting in improved professionalism, increased patient satisfaction and patient safety, and lower employee turnover rates. Additionally, ITC-trained Instructors earn a NAHTM credential:  Certified CHT Instructor.  
The course consists of six 3-hour interactives sessions*, two per each consecutive day:

Pacific Time                  7:00 am -10:00 am & 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Mountain Time              8:00 am -11:00 am & 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Central Time                  9:00 am -12:00 pm &   1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Eastern Time                10:00 am -  1:00 pm &   2:30 pm - 5:30 pm 

       (Enter VIRTUAL for training location on Registration Form​​)

​Registration after July 16, 2021 requires a $100 LATE FEE to cover express shipping of materials.