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Strategic Skill Building for Nutrition/Food Services

Healthcare Workers

​Nutrition/Food Services Workers Technical Skills Training

Strategic Skill Building for Environmental Services

​Environmental Services Technicians Technical Skills Training

Strategic Skill Building for Office Operations

Strategic Skill Building for Security Officers

​Strategic Skill Building for Healthcare Security Officers

​Healthcare Security Officers Technical Skills Training

Strategic Skill Building for Manufacturing

Strategic Skill Building for Warehousing

Strategic Skills Toolbox for Construction

Strategic Skill Building for Supply Chain

​Strategic Skill Building for Nursing Assistants

 Participant Workbook and Instructor Guidelines are  available for each course. NOTE: Some corporations and healthcare institutions have successfully combined Choices: Ethics for the Workplace as an initial course with any of the above titles.

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Impact Training Corporation's Certified Healthcare Transporter program has been designated as a "Promising Practice" by the National League of Cities.

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 ITC  Healthcare  Frontline Worker 

Instructor Training

  Two full days of detailed instruction and hands-on activities to enable hospital  Frontline Worker department managers or supervisors to  become qualified as certified Instructors for the research-based Impact Training curricula (see above titles), including the   National Certified Healthcare Transporter Program . Instructor   Certification trainings are held several times as needed   throughout the year. 

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  We offer outstanding Training                        Products that include:

  • Instructor Guidelines and Participant Materials developed as complementary training resources.

  • Easy-to-follow participant materials, clearly and concisely worded for meaningful learning experiences.

  • Scenarios built from actual job situations and materials to assist with transfer of learning back to the workplace.

  • Comprehensive Instructor Guidelines designed for quick reference by trainers.

  • Impact Training Corporation has partnered with the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management and provides a national certification program, Certified Healthcare Transporter (CHT) for frontline workers. Required courses for this program are described below. Each course includes a set of competencies to measure performance. At least twice each year, Impact Training Corporation trains Transport Managers or Supervisors or hospital training staff to deliver the curriculum.

  • Choices: Ethics for the Workplace  - The content focuses on life skills related to success in the workplace. Entry-level trainees or experienced  workers learn not only from reading the material and completing the exercises, but also from the lively discussions with their peers. The first part of this course, 1st Choices, ends with a post-test and follow-up activities. Topics include belief systems and values, attitude and behavioral styles, motivation and goals, matching personal ethics to company ethics, adapting to change, dealing with stress, focusing attention, customer service, innovative thinking, and conflict resolution. It is followed by nine modules (including the seven reasons people lose or leave jobs), that each end with a module post-test. Module topics include self-esteem, recognition of obsessive/compulsive behaviors and addictions, courtesy, emotional maturity, conscientiousness, trustworthiness, long-term job commitment, safe job performance, and healing from trauma. Course delivery time is 28-36 hours, depending on the amount of group discussion. All components also may be used for independent or self-study instruction. Outcomes include the ability to set goals, make appropriate decisions, be responsible and reliable, and adhere to a workplace code of ethics. [1st Choices, 155pp., Choices Modules, 227pp., plus Instructor Guidelines  for delivery, 142pp.]
  • Strategic Skill Building for Healthcare Transporters, 2nd Ed.  - This course focuses on applied cognitive strategies (thinking skills) that underlie competent job performance. Sessions are designed around actual job scenarios and materials from transporters' critical job tasks, derived from job task analyses conducted with healthcare patient transporters. This course is structured to be delivered in 18 two-hour sessions, with options to use four sessions as take-home, self-study. Topics address critical job areas such as communicating with peers, supervisors, and other hospital communities/departments, following procedural directions, recognizing alternate conditions on the job and responding appropriately, prioritizing actions, and predicting outcomes. The objectives of this course foster consistent, reliable, responsible job performance along with intrinsic customer service. [Participant Workbook, 276pp., Instructor Guidelines, 331pp.]
  • Healthcare Transporter Technical Skills Training, 3rd Ed.  - This course is built on information gathered from interviews, surveys, and observations with healthcare transport managers from across the US and is updated regularly to be compliant with Joint Commission requirements, OSHA, changes in equipment and other trends in national policies. The content reviews the role of a patient transporter, equipment and personal safety procedures and precautions, BCLS,  safe patient handling, special ancillary patient medical devices used during transport, use and storage of oxygen, patient privacy and confidentiality issues. Achieved performance competencies are measured through a preceptor observation process.  [Participant Workbook , 108pp., Instructor Guidelines, 116pp.]